Sports Coaching Traineeships



The Sports Coaching Traineeship is a 12-week education and training programme that offers young adults, aged 16-18, who are interested in working in sports coaching, the skills and experience that community trust football clubs, and the wider sports coaching industry, are looking for.  

Delivered in partnership with sports education specialists, SCL, the traineeship comprises of a high-quality work experience placement, work preparation training and English and maths qualifications (if required). Trainees are given the opportunity to build a CV and gain vital on-the-job experience along with industry-recognised qualifications. All of which makes them ‘work ready’ – boosting their chances of gaining employment as well as improving their long term prospects.

On completion of the traineeship, SCL will look to progress all successful trainees into full time roles such as a Community Coach with your community football trust, or another football club, or into an apprenticeship such as a PE Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship in a primary school.

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  • SCL will guide you through the recruitment process and help you find the right trainee.

  • SCL will tailor the traineeship to meet the needs of your trust and your trainee.

  • All training costs are met by the government. Most trusts choose to pay the travel and meal costs of the trainee.

  • Traineeships can help your trust recruit enthusiastic, work-ready, community coaches.



SCL provides a flexible approach to traineeships to ensure they meet your needs and those of the trainee. We offer two core traineeship models.

Each model comprises of the same components – Employability skills, work experience and English & maths with the difference in each being who delivers which aspects of the programme.

  • MODEL A: SCL to deliver the employability training and the English and maths qualifications with your team delivering the work placement.

  • MODEL B: SCL to deliver the English and maths with your organisation providing the work experience. The employability training is jointly delivered or can be independently delivered by the club.

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EMPLOYABILITY TRAINING: Classroom-based practical and theory sessions. Principles of Coaching. Employability skills training such as CV writing, job search and interview skills.

WORK EXPERIENCE– A meaningful and high-quality work experience placement, of at least 100 hours, in which the trainee will shadow members of your staff and community football coaches to provide real insight and experience of the world of sports coaching.

ENGLISH & MATHS – English and maths to improve the literacy and numeracy skills for those who have yet to achieve a GCSE grade ‘C’ or above.


The Sports Coaching Traineeship has been developed to give clubs, which are looking for young and enthusiastic sports coaches, the opportunity to:

  • Design a high-quality traineeship programme, in conjunction with sports education specialists’ SCL that meets your trust’s needs and those of the trainee.

  • Assess and develop young people and progress them onto an apprenticeship programme or employment with you, or another organisation, or go on to study additional qualifications.

  • Generate revenue by providing facilities and engaging staff with the programme.

  • Benefit from the fresh and innovative ideas of enthusiastic trainees.

  • Give your staff additional experience leading, mentoring and coaching your trainees.

  • Invest in your community and economy by recruiting locally-based trainees and benefit from a loyal and talented workforce.

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  • SCL is the leading provider of education through sport in the further education sector and is one of the UK’s largest providers of sports-based education. 

  • We currently work with over 50 professional and grass-roots sports clubs, community trusts and private academies to deliver scholarship programmes for 16-18 year olds and are highly respected in our field.

  • Over 17 years’ experience.

  • We are experts in the field of sports coaching, fitness and school sport and PE delivery.

  • We are a government-approved training provider, specialising in the delivery of education through sport.

  • All SCL Assessors and educators are experienced coaches too.

  • SCL can offer on-going career progression/training via government-funded Apprenticeships.

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SCL provides a bespoke approach to traineeships to ensure they meet the needs of your organisation and the trainee.
  • The Sports Coaching Traineeship by SCL has given me the qualifications and experience I needed, I have now progressed to a full-time employee as a Sports Coaching Apprentice. Tom Hunt, aged 18 - Trainee with Charlton Athletic Community Trust.

  • SCL is an employer partner of the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity.

  • SCL are pleased to announce that they are Finalists for the Apprenticeship Provider of the Year!

  • SCL are an Ofsted registered Childcare provider.

  • SCL have partnered with De Montfort University to launch a Sports Coaching Degree programme,

  • The Flame Awards are the largest celebration of innovation and excellence from across the sector.

  • SCL are strategic partners with UKactive.

  • EU EFS

  • Matrix

  • Traineeships are a stepping stone to future success for young people, businesses and the wider economy.

  • Our Saturday Soccer Coaches are FA qualified, Level 2 and above

  • SCL's School Sport Apprenticeship programme has been designed specifically to give those wanting a career in coaching and physical education the skills, knowledge and qualifications to help make it happen.

  • SCL were awarded an Ofsted outstanding in 2015 for their Holiday Activities.

  • HITZ is Premiership Rugby’s award-winning education and employability programme.